Granny Flats

Whether you are after some extra room for relations or you’re after extra income our granny flats offer an exceptional value to your current home.

Custom designed to each individual block. They will be designed and built to blend in with existing structures. We can organise the design, approval and construction. We also cater for the owner builder. Were we offer owner builder packages:

- A design package
- An approval package.

Granny flats can fall under a complying development if the site conditions permit resulting in a four-week approval time and an average 14-week construction time. The min size blocks are 450m2 with a maximum of 60m2 coverage. The state government is actually encouraging granny flats as it provides an extra source of affordable housing. Further information regarding granny flats can be found at

Site Requirements
Fact Sheet

We can arrange a site visit to asses your site suitability and a fixed price quotation. We can also provide any additional works such as fencing and driveways to fully complete your granny flat.

Our experienced team will guide you through each step of the way to make sure your granny flat is customised to your requirements.

Start making money using the untapped resource that is your very own backyard.

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